What does Medicare OEP (Open Enrollment Period) mean for you?

If you are a beneficiary enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan, OEP allows you to choose a different plan. It’s a one-time opportunity, so make it count!

You can use the Medicare OEP to:

  • Switch from your current Medicare Advantage Plan to a different Medicare Advantage Plan
  • Disenroll from your Medicare Advantage Plan and go back to Original Medicare (with or without a Part D drug plan)

The Medicare OEP gives you a chance to make some changes, but you are not allowed to switch your Part D plan.

Your ONE-TIME-ONLY OEP options

Medicare SEP
(Special Enrollment Period)

There are extenuating circumstances that allow you to enroll in Medicare outside of regular enrollment periods. If you qualify for the Medicare Special Enrollment Period (SEP), you can enroll in Medicare outside of your Initial Enrollment Period (IEP) and the General Enrollment Period (GEP). This exception is known as the Medicare Special Enrollment Period (SEP).

For example, you may qualify for SEP if you are in an area that was affected by a natural disaster during the Annual Enrollment Period, if you move to a new state or out of your current plan’s coverage area, if your plan has a significant change in benefits or provider network, or get a new job with different benefits. A complete list of potential reasons for special enrollment periods can be found here.

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